The Winners

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A career can become the only child in the house
Anastasiia Maltseva
Audience Choice Award
  Gender inequality in career growth
Oksana Ilina

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Do we have equal rights?
Ilona Ginka
  Sides of happy life
Ganna Ivanenko
  Series «Chief must understand»
Olga Mendus

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Flexible schedule
Snizhana Kovalenko
  I don’t stand in my parents’ way to their careers.
Viktoriia Yakushyna

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  Combine Parenthood and Work
Veronica Skliarenko

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  Wise Life

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Combination of professional activities and family life
Yuliia Vypriazhkina
The biased don’t listen to the proofs
Kateryna Mitroshyna
Real men take paternity leave
Edita Choban
  Combination is possible
Oksana Ilina
Prize of Obolon PJSC

ІІІ place. Photography/Drawing

Do not limit yourself!
Viktoriia Aminova
Mommy, I miss you
Yuliia Zadorozhnia
Audience Choice Award
Family and work …
Nora Garakian
  Letter to the father
Mariia Lyshchik

Certificates of Recognition

Make a queen of her
Mark Borzenkov
For high designer level
Gender equality
Daria Brychevska
For modern design
A career won’t tell a bedtime story to your children
Yana Galushkina
For original presentation style
Conditions for child care
Arina Garkina
For quality of work performance
Right to equality
Alona Dydyk
For laconism of idea presentation
Success of working mother
Ganna Zabelnikova
For thoroughness of work
Yuliia Fedorova
For professionalism in use of font design
Series «Employee at work. Father at home»
Anna Zatulovska
For original design.
Audience Choice Award.