Opinions about The Contest

Svitlana Tolstoukhova, President of the AUNGO, League of Social Workers of Ukraine:
«The young designers used the social advertising product not only to show through it understanding of the problems in this sphere, but also suggested innovative approaches to solution of these problems. Our exhibition proved once again that the Ukrainian young people were committed to the European values and could bring them with the means clear for the wide public. I would like to point out that this Contest and the entire «Back to Work...» Project would have been impossible without the support provided by the European Union».
Sergey Polyuk, Sector Manager for Health and Welfare, EU Delegation to Ukraine:
«It is my pleasure to congratulate the exhibitors – young talented Ukrainian designers. The European Union strongly supports the Ukrainian people in its aspiration for the European values, among which almost the most important is the human right for life in the world without any discrimination. Your admirable artworks will contribute to promoting the European values in Ukraine».
Yevgen Romat, Chairman of the Ukrainian Union of the Advertising Experts:
«I would like to mention the high professional level of the artworks, first of all, in the category of printed advertising. I am glad to see that our advertising sphere is refilled with good specialists and new ideas».
Viktor Kaplun, Vice-Rector of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design:
«The reason for the University’s participation in the Social Advertising Contest is quite pragmatic – we hereby give the students an opportunity to practically implement the acquired knowledge, bring to test their forces in conditions of the future work, and start self-assertion as a design in the professional community. Equally important is that the students should understand in practice significance of creating proper social conditions for the employees».
Valentyna Proskurnina, Manager of the «Back to Work...» Project:
«Using the advertising and information measures is one of the key elements of constructing a proper society. From the very beginning of the Project, we try to use the mass-communication tools to attract the public attention to the need to provide for gender equality for the Ukrainians in combining the family duties and career, and to generate the civilized forms of relationship between employers and employees having family duties».

Students about their participation in the Contest

Olga Valyalshchyk, artwork «Barbie»:
«It is important to have the work to one’s liking. Personally I, as a designer, take great satisfaction in the process of solving a set task while working. There is nothing heavier and, at the same time, more interesting than a social poster. Moreover, the subjects of the Contest are close to me, as I am a girl, and in future I may face a similar situation not only in the poster. It was the problem of gender inequality in child care I placed in the light in my artwork. My characters are an ideal family, and, though childish and naïve, but fairness. We need changes».
Arina Garkina, artwork «The country cares – a family is happy»:
«My poster is based on the subject “Creation of conditions for childcare by the state”. I wanted to render these conditions and this care via the Ukrainian symbol of wealth and happiness – a motanka doll. Down the ages, such doll was an apotrope for the Ukrainian families. And, as I understand, the country’s care shall be a kind of apotrope and symbol of happiness for our families».
Yulia Fedorova, artwork «Equality»:
A social poster is not only an interesting picture, but a powerful tool as well. Gender equality is one of the aims to be attained. This topic is of great interest for me, and I believe that my poster will attract attention. I tried to be laconic in my artwork. I took the word “Rivnist’” (“Equality” in Ukrainian), and replaced the letters “i” with female and male figures. At that, the word remains easily readable. If one of the figures is removed, the word will lose its meaning. This is how I drew a parallel to a real life».
Anastasia Maltseva, artwork «Career may become the only child in the family»:
«The Contest “We Care for Family and Work” is aimed at solving the problems of gender equality for the Ukrainians in combining the family duties and career. With my posters, I try to lay the emphasis on the fact that the young people in pursuit of the material wealth often forget about what really matters – children. I think that every family should have children, as only such family can be deemed happy».
Yulia Zadorozhnya, artwork «Don’t forget, for whom you work»:
«Social problems are quite close to me. I started in the social sphere as a volunteer. Since I was 14, I helped in socializing to children and young people with functional disabilities. Now, in the time free from studies, I teach children to draw at the art studio for children and young people with physical limitations.