Works included in the Contest Shortlist

Combination of professional activities and family life
Kateryna Bilenko
Family and career can coexist
Olga Boiko
Gender inequality
Andrii Brachun
Opposition – cooperation
Daria Brychevska
I want to bring up and to work
Budzhovy Poseidona
In a hurry to a career …
Yana Galushkina
A child is an award
Olena Grytsiuk
Parents must not be a shadow
Alona Dydyk
Andrii Yevtekhov
A child doesn’t stand in the way to the career!
Anastasiia Maltseva
Open potential of a woman
Kateryna Mitroshyna
Lonely children are not always orphans
Yana Motytska
After a maternity leave back to work
Daria Nikishchenko
Step by step together
Anastasiia Riabukha
Destroy stereotypes
Mariia Frikke
A dad must also care for children
Olga Shapoval
Gender equality
Mykyta Kravchuk
Destroy this border
Pavlo Sharapata